Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another Swiss christmas market, another disappointment

Not defeated by our first experience of a Swiss Christmas market in Zürich main train station, we set off on Sunday to Basel to check out one of the biggest Christmas market in la Suisse. Not wanting to put a downer on the whole Christmas market spirit, but I must admit that once again we were disappointed by our day trip...

Granted, (some of) the stalls there had a more Christmassy feel and theme to them, a few of them even sold decorations, but we still found that many stalls sold the exact same products, there wasn't a great deal of variety on offer and the prices were often a rip-off. You really had the feeling that this market was geared towards tourists (and there seems to be plenty around) and people just charged over the odds because of that. We once again came home empty-handed with only a few pictures to share with you.

We had never been to Basel before though and found the old city to be very nice so we'd like to go back next year to explore it a bit more. And we shall not give up our quest for a magical Christmas market in la Suisse!


zsazsazsu said...

a "handmadecraftchristmasmarket" is what you have to be looking for in La Suisse ... but if this exists I don't know :-)
Thanks for leaving your comment about the necklace, you've made my day !

Juanita Tortilla said...

Sorry about your disappointment.
I used to love the whole vibe to markets, especially Christmas markets. But, coming to my 4th year in Zürich, and seeing the HB set-up of the Christli-märkt for the 3rd time, it is a serious case of deja vu :(

But, press on. I hope to hear a new discovery from you!!!

Miss Peaches said...

I never liked Christmas Markets much, especially the ones in Switzerland. However, I remember going to the Christmas Market in Stuttgart (Germany) a few years ago and I must say, its the nicest market I've seen so far. It's only a 2-3 hour drive from Zurich and it probably also a bit cheaper than the Swiss markets... Maybe next year you can give it a try!

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