Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What about me??

Some of you have been wondering how I am doing and what I have been up to was time for me to post a quick Alf update!

They say it's been hard adjusting to the arrival of Baby Suisse and the sleepless nights but have they thought how difficult this has been for me? Everyone's been paying far too much attention to that bald crying baby and not enough to me! To make sure I am not being forgotten, I have resorted to following Baby Suisse around like my own shadow so that I am always in the middle of the action.

Things were easier when Baby Suisse did not know how to crawl, I could just lick his face and feet whenever I felt like it, there was no escape! Now, he's all over the place, gone are the days when I could snooze in peace in the open...I have to hide under the table now!

It's not all bad really, now that Baby Suisse is eating in his high chair, there's always an opportunity to get snacks in the middle of the day ;-)

I've started my twice-weekly trips to the office in Bern with my mistress back in January and I have been enjoying meeting up with my canine friends there and my walks in the woods at lunchtime. On the occasional sunny day, we've been on hikes in la Suisse and abroad (this is me in Germany...I was told a blog post on that adventure would follow soon). Life is slowly returning to normal...if only that Baby Suisse would stop pestering me!!

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JuanitaTortilla said...

I WAS thinking about you! Alfie, get ready to pretend to be a pony, too :D

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