Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Not quite like in the picture...

When a friend lent me a sewing book a few weeks ago, I had a bad case of "Why doesn't my house look like this?"

This book is very inspiring although you may just get depressed flicking through it for too long as there is no way that any normal person I know (with a day job, children, messy dogs, a budget...) can have a house that looks so effortlessly stylish.

Anyway, while I knew that the overall look couldn't be achieved, I thought that I'd give a try to these little sea creatures to cheer up my bathroom.

Picture from Sew Sunny Homestyle book

Blame it on the fabric I chose, on the fiddly shapes or the lack of detailed clear instructions for the shells (or blame it on the boogie...) but this is what I now have in my bathroom...

Not quite like in the picture as I said... but at least I got to use some of my stash of African fabric that have been lying about in my cupboard for over 2 years now!

Hip hip hurray to half-successful sewing projects :-)

1 comment:

JuanitaTortilla said...

Honestly, I prefer your "ethnic" stamp to it. (I have a bias towards batik!!!)

I have apartment design news in my Flipboard, and I KNOW that house envy feeling... It's just not the same when you live in a rental, too!

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