Friday, 21 September 2012


Before- sanded down
This old bookshelf made of planks of wood and old bobbins was made by my great grand-father for my grand-mother when she was a little girl. It may have inspired her as she ended up being a seamstress (and no her genes have not been passed on to me as she was way more skillful with a sewing machine than I will ever be...)

First coat of paint

I had this bookshelf in my room myself as a little girl and recently the bookshelf made the trip from France to la Suisse. Mr T sanded it down and I chose some paint to give it some TLC. I wanted a shabby chic feel to this bookshelf as it is probably 80 years old and so I chose a neutral colour. I am not even sure how to best describe the is called grège in French, I am not sure what the English translation would be but somewhere between light grey and beige if that makes sense. Sorry the pictures don't really show the colour well.

First coat of paint.
Anyway, after 2 coats of paint, the shelf has found a place in Baby Suisse's room:

Maybe this shows the colour better when you compare it to the white money box

I'm glad I have said from the onset that I was going for a shabby chic look so that I can easily justify the non-eveness of the coats of paint and the brush strokes that are still clearly visible in places :-) I am definitely not a painter/decorator!

Oh, and while I'm here, let me show you the badger my friend Ashley has knitted for Baby Suisse:

Awesome right?

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Juanita said...

Oh... I just LOVE items with stories behind them. This little shelf deserves all the love and attention, to see it through many more generations.

Grege sounds like a blend of grey and beige, now that you've mentioned it :)

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