Friday, 11 November 2011

Autumn in the forest

Last weekend was our first weekend in Brugg and we decided to go and explore our surroundings a bit. We like to have walks/circuits we know we can take Alf on and time them so that we know where to go with him during the week when he needs exercising. We are once again lucky to live near woods and green space (this was a criteria for choosing a new home because we need to be able to exercise Alf away from busy roads and city centres). This little path uphill starts across the street from our house and takes us within 10 minutes to a rather large wood.

We pass some interesting buildings on the way including this 1940 disused bunker which must have sheltered an infirmary judging by the red cross on the door.

We have had the most beautiful Autumn so far with mild temperatures and bright blue skies which provide the perfect background to the reds/yellows and oranges of the season. The sunlight filtering through the trees also make the most fantastic photo opportunities.

There are many different paths in the woods and we ventured on a new one on our Sunday morning walk, walking past heaps of mushrooms (you have probably realised by now that I love photographing mushrooms for some reason like I did in Morzine and Konstanz)

…and some rather scary-looking cave/burrows entrances (I dare not think about what may be living in there…)

We found a couple of vantage points along the way from which we were hoping to overlook Brugg and the neighbouring towns, but it turned out that we had climbed above the clouds and could look down on them!

I wonder, is this what it’s like for Mary Poppins?
PS: I really want to apologise for my lack of commenting on your blogs recently but we still haven't managed to sort out our telephone line and internet in the place so I am posting from work... no matter how much I'd prefer spending part of my working day browsing blogs, I think it would be frowned upon...Hopefully, I will be connected to blogland from home very soon!

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