Saturday, 8 October 2011

Us zoologists...

... cannot visit a new city without checking out the local Natural History, or also known as Zoology, museum.

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved animals and been amazed by the diversity of Life on this planet. I kept ants in plastic tubs as a child just to be able to watch them go about their daily business. David Attenborough is my idol and if it wasn't for feeling uncomfortable enough to faint at the sight of blood/organs, I'd probably be a vet.

So I went down the Zoology degree route instead and, even though what I do today as a scientist is only vaguely related to cute furry animals, I love Zoology museums. I had been to visit the Zoology museum in Zürich when Mr T and I flew there for a long weekend last year to consider whether Mr T should accept his job offer at the University. Made in Suisse back then wasn't born so I hadn't really taken photos of my visit. However, my friend Gus arrived on Wednesday to stay with us for a week. He is a zoologist too, so off we went on Thursday for a quick tour of the museum.

The museum's grand entrance
The 2 of us have seen quite a few Zoology museums in our time and have to admit that this one is very good.

Giant sloth

Why are the coolest-looking animals all extinct?
Apart from being very big (displays on 2 floors), it is very well set up, well lit and the animals are displayed in a very clever way. There is a lot of educational aids for children available, microscopes t play with and they organise tours for children of all ages. We visited at the same time as a class and the seem to have a lot of fun.

Whe you think you've seen them all, there are more downstairs!

Display cases show animals from around the world, grouped by continent/ecosystems.

Giant armadillo- South America

The bird displays are very colourful and truly shows you the diversity of sizes/shapes and colours in only one group of the animal kingdom.

Everywhere you look around, you witness the wonders of Evolution... It blows my mind EVERY time!

In the same building as the Zoolog museum, you can find a Paleontology museum we didn't have the time to visit but which, given the quality of the Zoogy museum, is sure to be a treat.

We made our way into the Old Town, walking past the University and ETH main buildings...

... stopping for a few minutes to enjoy the view of Zürich from the esplanade!

For kids (and parents alike), the Zoology museum in Zürich is a wonderful (and free!) way to spend a couple of hours.

Have a lovely Sunday! We're off to a pumpking tomorrow so do come back to hear about that!

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Picto said...

What a great place, I love museums, I'm often found in the Sedgewick in Cambridge. Your photo's are brilliant. There is a zoology one in Cambridge but I haven't been for over 10 years!

Jan x

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