Monday, 17 October 2011

7 little things about me

Happy Monday everyone from La Suisse,

It was so nice of Juanita Tortilla to send me a message last week to let me know she had nominated me for a Blog Award entitled "7 little things about me". I am still very new to blogging so I am unsure of the whole Blog Award etiquette, but, from what I gather, all I have to do is to:
 - share 7 things about myself;
 - pay it forward to a few bloggers that I like;
 - contact those bloggers about the award!

So here we are for my 7 little things (interspersed with photos of Zürich):

1- I don't like eating sweets...I know crazy! Even as a child, I never had cravings for sweets...cakes (yes), chocolate (yes), ice creams (yes), pretty much anything really but I never saw the appeal of sweets!

2- I am physically unable to keep plants is a scientific fact! I have killed cacti for goodness sake! I either water too much, forget to water for weeks, feed my plants twice a year when I remember, don't give them enough light...the list is endless! Plants are too difficult for me!

3-I really wish I could pull it off but I cannot walk in heels. The heels only come out of the shoe cupboard when we’re driving somewhere for a special occasion and the risk of a broken leg is kept to a minimum between the car park and the entrance door.

4- I could easily spend a whole afternoon watching my DVD boxset of Murder She Wrote… the stories are always more of the less the same, Jessica Fletcher must have dozens of nephews/nieces involuntarily involved in crimes but I do love Angela Lansbury and her beautiful house in Maine (and don’t get me started on the opening music of each episode, I heart it)

5- I learnt to roller-skate aged 25…not something to be proud of. My sisters tried to teach me when I was a child but I was so rubbish at it that they gave up. Not that my body coordination has improved with age (see point 3 above) but I decided one fine morning that I would not be defeated. I took lessons with a 68 years old instructor (picture this) who took pity on me but who eventually recognized that it maybe wasn’t my thing. We left it there…

6- I cannot properly function without my morning coffee…especially now that my day starts at 6am. After my long commute to work, when I arrive at the office at 8.45 the first thing I do is to put some coffee on. I only need 2 cups and I don’t drink coffee in the afternoon but I dread to think what my productivity at work would look like if we ever were to have a world-wide coffee shortage.

7- I will leave you with a quote from my fridge magnet which I think summarises my feelings towards my hair pretty well: “Life is full of frustrations but eventually you find a hairstyle that you like”

Let me pass on the award to 3 fellow bloggers I have recently discovered:
- Nicola at Nic's notebook

Have a lovely day x


Anonymous said...

Awww thank u! I am useless at keeping plants & flowers alive too lol.. ;)

Jewel said...

Thank you so much for passing this on to me! I am so sorry I have only just replied, things got away from me and mislaid the email with the comment you left me! I hope you don't think I am awfully rude! I really appreciate it! x

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