Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pie love

I heart pies and if I wasn't married to Mr T, I probably would be married to one of the Hairy Bikers...fact!

Maybe you don't have a clue what I am on about if you haven't lived in the UK, and even if you do you may not understand my weird crush on overweight hairy middle-aged men but I am digressing...PIES!

Anne Craig

Being French, I had no ideas what pies (or Yorkshire puddings) for that matter where until I met Mr T, a Northerner...and God was I missing out!

I bought Mr T the Hairy Bikers' "Perfect Pies" book at Christmas and did not have the patience to wait for him to try one of the recipes (he never follows any recipes) so I got stuck in!

Mr T being lactose-intolerant, it was a bit of a challenge to find a pie recipe that did not heavely rely on cheese or cream but the "sausage and apple puff" recipe ticked the right boxes.

No fancy ingredients: good quality sausage meat, an onion, an apple, bread crumbs and seasoning.

Mix everything and put in the middle of a roll of puff-pastry.

Love pie

Cover with more pastry and be creative!

This glorified giant sausage roll is very good, super easy to make and got Mr T's approval (and he is a pie connoisseur).

With the left-over pastry, I decided to make some mini apple turnovers to be enjoyed with coffee the following morning.

Just stewed apples and a little bit of sugar...

Two were not enough!

I have really enjoyed doing a bit of cooking lately. Mr T is our official cook and does a very good job but I do miss taking the time to cook something special and trying out some new recipes. I have made more of an effort lately to actually browse all the cookery books we have at home and bookmark some recipes to try in the near future. This success has spurred me on!


JuanitaTortilla said...

Sausage and apple sound REALLY good! Thanks for the recommendation.

This came in good timing -- I have been hankering for pie these couple of days!!! Maybe it is butter withdrawal... I get that sometimes.

guscameron85 said...

Looks delicious! And I love the fact that you labelled it "PIE"!

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