Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another unexpected event in 2012...

Thanks to the imminent arrival of Baby Suisse, 2012 has been a year rich in emotions and unexpected happenings! Because unmarried parents have very different rights in la Suisse than anywhere else in the civilised world in that the father has to adopt his own child to have any legal rights to his flesh and blood, Mr T and I organised a small private wedding ceremony in Brugg on June 29th in an attempt to cut down on the subsequent amount of paperwork we'd have to go through with Baby Suisse's arrival (but 2 weeks on it appears that we were disillusioned on that point...).

Alf not impressed with having to wear a bow on the day!
Because I was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant, had 5 weeks to organise the wedding and a limited budget (we really hadn't planned getting married in Switzerland, the most expensive country in the world), we only had 8 people with us on the day and kept the whole event very relaxed (yes, yes mostly!). We had 6 people staying at home with us in Brugg for a few days and the place where we got married was literally a 5 minutes walk from the house. Annoyingly on the big day, the buidling where we got married was covered in scaffolding as the town was installing some sort of stage in front of it so I had to steal these pictures from the internet.
Inside was beautiful though and the room was just the right size for our small wedding party and made it feel special.

Although an unconventional wedding in many ways, I did stick to the tradition of something old...

Summer sandals bought in Morzine last year,
this is summer and I was 32 weeks pregnant: this is the best I could manage!
...something new...
Handmade hair accessory by
to match the belt on my dress
...something borrowed...

My late grandmother's pearl necklace
...something blue...

Bracelet and earring also handmade to match my dress
by a Glaswegian friend with a blue tartan ribbon!
I was lucky to have not one...

Why spend 150CHF at the florist for the smallest wedding bouquet
when 15CHF in Migros can get you these?
...but two wedding bouquets, including this lovely one made out of vintage buttons by two Glaswegian friends! How beautiful and unique!

The last of the "accessories" came straight out of the Tiffany's store in Zü THAT was exciting!

The dress was a summer cocktail dress which accomodated nicely for the ever-expanding bump!

The evening was spent eating some truly delicious food in Zürich old town near Fraumunster

Although we dearly missed not having more of our families and friends with us to celebrate with us this big day, we had a lovely time and are glad that at least both our sets of parents could travel to attend the wedding. We hope to have post-wedding parties in England and France next year so that we get to celebrate the wedding and the arrival of Baby Suisse with everyone (and I get to drink more than half of glass of champagne!). But life is full of surprises so until then...


JuanitaTortilla said...

YOU are certainly full of surprises!!!
Wow. Congratulations on being officially Missus T !!!
(Who knew about these baby "quirks" in Switzerland?!?)
It is really a tasteful and memorable story to share, and to tell your little one.

Allison L said...

Congrats! Very beautiful wedding.

We got married in Switzerland too. Albeit for different reasons. Mainly hey look! Kanton Zurich has a loophole and you can marry on a tourist visa and wait for your B-Permit to process.

We did something small too.

I can't believed how much your bouquet was! I think mine was around 55CHF.

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