Monday, 19 March 2012

Dragon mobile part I

The baby crafting season has officially started! It’s not that I have been lacking ideas or material to get started (thanks to everyone who sent crafty supplies in the shape of wool, books or others), just that I have been feeling too knackered to experience a crafty spark and get started.
My inspiration for this first baby craft endeavour came from Mr T himself who has bought some signed Terry Pratchett prints to put in Baby Suisse’s room. Mr T is a big fan of the man, and although I wasn’t sure at first having these prints in Baby Suisse’s room, I had to admit upon seeing them that they are very cute.

So I have three dragon prints that I need to get framed to go up on the wall. So I thought, why not continue with the dragon theme a bit and make my own baby dragon mobile to hang above the bed? I’ll try to make my felt dragons as cute as the ones on the prints.
When my friend Petit Filoux came to La Suisse for a visit a couple of weeks ago, we stumbled across a craft supplier shop in the middle of Zürich from which I bought some ribbon and a polystyrene ring. The 5 meters of pale yellow ribbon were wound around the ring... provide the support upon which the felt dragons would be attached.

I then went online in an attempt to find a suitable pattern for my felt dragons (I didn’t hold much hope to be honest) and stumbled upon this… my lucky day! I spent Saturday afternoon trying to work out how to assemble the various pieces for my 1st dragon

With the help of my trusted side-kick!

Here’s the finished product

Not bad, what do you think? Because the dragons are quite big, I am thinking of making 4 in total to hang around the ring in various colours. One dragon down…three to go! Watch this space for my progress J
I haven’t contributed for a while (but hope to have some finished projects to reveal in the near future) but go and check Handmade Monday over at Wendy’s blog!

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Fabulous... great job..

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